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Which SSL Certificate?

Validation (DV)

These certificates provide 256 bit end to end encryption, protecting your customers’ data from interception and ensuring your site is recognised as secure by browsers by displaying the padlock and ‘https’.

DV certificates assure visitors that you own the domain.

DV certificates are suitable for blogs, personal and community websites.

Validation (OV)

Offer everything a DV certificate does – and more.

OV cerificates provide site visitors with much more confidence, because the organisation must show it is registered legal entity, as well as owning the domain.

OV certificates provide added assurance for SMEs and third sector organisations and may be trusted more by search engines.

Validation (EV)

Offer the highest level of trust. The organisation name is displayed when the padlock is clicked to reassure site visitors that the website is genuine.

EV certificates are appropriate for sites that contain sensitive or personal data, or process electronic transactions.

Single domain certificates will secure one domain. Multi-domain certificates – as the name suggests- are a cost-effective way to secure a number of domains at one. Wildcard certificates are used to secure sub-domains.

Why buy from us?

  • Our certificates are issued by Sectigo, the world’s leading certification authority.
  • 256 bit security with the strongest SHA2 & ECC Encryption to protect your customers.
  • 1 year certificates with optional automatic renewal for a second year – don’t risk a certificate expiry!
  • Streamlined application process.
  • Optional installation for a fixed £50 fee
  • Optional Fast Service DV certificate with all EV and OV purchases – secures your site and is normally issued in minutes.
  • Certificate management portal.
  • UK-based technical support and customer service.
  • Optional SSL account for users who wish to manage a large number of certificates themselves.

What are Certificates?

SSL certificates provide encryption and authenticate servers. They are issued by a small number of Certification Authorities, who are known to, and trusted by, browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox. SSL certificates create a trusted and secure connection between users and websites.

Users can be confident their traffic is encrypted because your website will begin https:// (s for secure) and the padlock symbol in their browser window will show the site is secure.

Search engines prefer secure sites, and browsers may issue warnings if sites are insecure of SSL certificates are out of date.

Code Signing certificates are used to digitally sign executable code and scripts to confirm the author or originator and to ensure the object has not been tampered with. Code Signing Certificates confirm the identity of the author and include a checksum to ensure the file has not been tampered with.

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